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Masonry Works

It’s important in today’s time that your construction projects are not only built with great masonry skills, but also with great design sensibility. We strive to bring out the best in every project we work with. Excellent communication skills with local architects gives us the ability to help bring out what’s best, modern and practical.

Stone Work

Colimex Masonry LLC is the industry-leading stonework provider in Chalmette, LA. Our value-driven rates are fair, and our quotes are as transparent and comprehensive as possible. This way, you know exactly what you are paying for and will never be shocked with hidden fees on your final bill. Call us now and get a free estimate about all our professional services.

Pavers Patios

At Colimex Masonry LLC, we know that a paver patio can add a special element of design to your property and can give you the extra outdoor space you want. We specialize in paver patio installations and are happy to help make your patio vision come to life.

Pavers can be made from many different materials, and some of the most popular include brick, stone, and concrete. Each type of paver has its own look and can add that special touch to your back yard. No matter which paver material you choose, you’ll enjoy the natural hardscape design of your patio and the space it gives you. Our paver patios are perfect for an outdoor barbeque, a fire pit, a neighborhood get-together, or simply a spot to relax and unwind. In addition, a paver patio can help increase the value of your home and appeal to potential buyers, if you ever decide to sell.

Sidewalk Installation

The professionals at Colimex Masonry LLC can also install a new concrete sidewalk for your home where one did not exist before. Expand the walkway in front of your house or create additional walking paths for your future customers, the possibilities are endless.

Sidewalk Repair

Is your sidewalk a little worse for the wear? Cracks, chips, and uneven surfaces can be more than just unsightly, they can also be dangerous. Neighbors or customers are walking on your sidewalk every day and a faulty sidewalk could be a trip hazard. Did you know, in Chalmette, LA. most home and business owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk on their property? Colimex Masonry LLC can repair your sidewalk quickly and affordably.

Walkways Installation

Walkways are a wonderful way to greet your friends, family, clients, or other pedestrians. With a well-paved walkway from Colimex Masonry LLC, you can invite people into your home or business with charm and give them a sense of comfort. Walkways are also a wonderful accent to architecture of any size and can be lit at night for an extra design impact on passers-by.

Whether you’re looking for an asphalt walkway, a concrete walkway, or a paver walkway installation, our experts can help. We’ll help you create the perfect design for any structure, whether it’s a small home or an industrial corporation. Additionally, you could install a walkway simply for an aesthetic benefit or to give your visitors a path of exploration. No matter what purpose your walkway serves, we’d be happy to help build it.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall needs to be built with the best material and with the best quality…otherwise it will not be able to support the weight of the soil and it can break. Our team has built thousands of retaining walls during our 20 years in the business. Contact us today and get a free estimate for your retaining wall needs.

Paver Installation

Colimex Masonry LLC is the leading pavers installer in Chalmette, LA. Colimex Masonry LLC provide the best quality paver installation services in that can beautify your home. With more than 20 years of service providing professional paver installations in Chalmette, LA have left our customers satisfied with the final results. If you recently bought a home or have a project in mind, we can help with your paver project. We use only high-quality materials to ensure the end result is accordingly to your specifications and overall look of your home. We are a premier paver installation company that offers a wide range of services. From pavers installations to walkways, sidewalks, to small roadway repairs. Colimex Masonry LLC is ready to handle all of your paving installation needs. From pool decks to driveways, our pavers installation services will completely transform your home. Contact us today at 504-235-5731 to get started.